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The Youth-Led Solutions Initiative (YLSI) was launched by YMCA to put resources – knowledge, network, funding – into the hands of young people and to support their contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 


Young people have many of the skills and answers to meet the challenges of today’s world: rather than being told what to do, they must be empowered and supported to bring their own solutions where the world's leaders have often failed them. We must invest in active engagement with solutions-oriented changemakers.

The initiative tackles three of the greatest challenges facing young people today – the climate crisis, the jobs crisis, and a growing mental health crisis. These issues are all connected, and touch every one of the SDGs.



YMCA, in collaboration with the United Nations, academia, youth organizations and private sector partners, is holding a series of Youth-Led Solution Summits which began in October 2020 and will finish in July 2022. The Youth-Led Solution Initiative empowers young people and drives social innovation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Each Global Virtual Summit has kicked off a new theme of action. We are actively fostering collaboration among the young participants across the thematic areas, as they learn and implement projects in their communities.

The Summits will culminate in a Global Youth-Led Solutions showcase at YMCA's World Council in Aarhus, Denmark in July 2022.

Aerial View of Islands

"Young people have fearless optimism that a better world is possible"

Jayathma Wickramanayake, United Nations Secretery-General's Envoy on Youth

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