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Youth-Led projects on Climate Action


Creating a Second Life for Second-hand Clothes by Tainan YMCA (Taiwan)

The project seeks to create new products out of second-hand clothes


The solution team seeks to reduce food waste by combatting hunger and waste in distributing food that grocery stores would otherwise have wasted


YMCA Australia - Best practice climate action plan

The best practice solution involves a centralized staff member at YMCA Australia collecting and coordinating data measuring the climate impact of each organization.


YMCA Romania - Building Sustainable Cities

As recycling is a huge issue in Romania, Y Romania will create a series of 50-minute workshops for High Schools. A “Hike and Clean” programme will restore trekking trails.


#TeamTrees by YMCA Kosovo

The project’s main goal is to tackle deforestation. Y Kosovo will build a nursery greenhouse in the YMCA Camp at Pjetershan to grow and nurture plants until they are ready to be planted in the wild


Sumaq Muru by YMCA Peru

The Sumaq Muru project aims to produce affordable and non-polluting energy to help communities struggling with poor drainage systems, poor hygienic services, and pollution


YMCA Mongolia - Green traveler, Green influencer

The project seeks to conduct ecofriendly travel education to children and youth.

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YMCA Makati Kalakalikasan: Exchange for a Change

The project aims to recycle single-use plastics, and to build a plastic recycling facility.

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