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Young leaders aged 15 to 35-years-old, with a passion, interest, and commitment to create local solutions to the challenges their communities are facing, delivering impact on the UN SDGs, and advancing social justice and equity for all.



Through a series of interactive global virtual Summits, and periods of intense community implementation young people learn, share, and take action to drive change in their communities and help the world achieve the SDGs.

Young leaders, educators, activists, business leaders, policymakers, indigenous communities, philanthropists, artists, influencers, NGO staff, volunteers and community members are all invited to join the Youth-Led Solutions Summits.


  • Compete for seed funding to help turn your solution into a reality

  • Continue to take educational opportunities

  • Make an impact and create change in your local community

  • Connect with peers around the world and receive support from a leadership coach to help your solution team develop your project

  • Gain access to industry experts, panellists and speakers

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