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Behaviour Standards

YMCA recognises that the strength our network rests as much in its diversity and difference, as in that which unites it.


It is really important that everyone at a Youth-Led Solutions event embraces our values while upholding the highest personal and professional standards. You should read our expected standards carefully so that you are clear about what is expected at the event.


Our Expected Standards document is written for your own protection and guidance, although any breach may lead to your removal from the event, even if it is a virtual one.


Our experience together at the summit will provide a microcosm of spaces that continue long beyond our time at the conference. We hope that they become a model of safe and brave spaces that allow us to come together as global citizens. To learn about one another, find empathy across even the most challenging divides, and work together to address today’s most crucial local, national, regional and global issues facing young people.


Together, join us throughout Youth-Led Solutions events and beyond in aspiring always to:

  • Work towards inclusion, wherever and whenever possible.

  • Observe and work not to judge (both yourself and others).

  • Celebrate differences and positive conflict towards bridge-building.

  • Lead with empathy in all interactions and activities.

  • Meet individuals, YMCAs, organisations/partners, communities and cultures where they are.

  • Enter challenging conversations with an open mind and spirit of generosity and curiosity.

  • Embrace diversity of perspectives, culture, ideology, identity or background.

  • Understand others’ commitment and passion – especially when they may be different from our own.

  • Create spaces for multiple and even conflicting ideals, ‘truths’ and beliefs.

  • Value the role and contribution of all people, as event delegates, volunteers, staff, leaders, activity leaders, speakers or panellists.

  • Embrace the art of fun, participate fully, engage positively and challenge constructively.

  • Importantly, Youth-Led Solutions events and its delegates should uphold the principle of YMCA's Paris Basis of 1855, that “Any differences of opinion on other subjects, however important in themselves, shall not interfere with the harmonious relations of the constituent members and associates of the World Alliance.”


By participating in and being part of the Youth-Led Solutions initiative you agree to abide by the Expected Standards and Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about this, please contact



Explore the event programme, and keep track of when events start in your time zone


Be late. We want you to get the most out of the event, sessions and speakers!


Feeling lost


Head over to the helpdesk on Hop-In and our staff can help you with your question or direct you to where you need to be


Leave. New tech can be frustrating, but reach out to us!

Mutual Respect


Contribute to debates and discussions in a respectful way.  Let’s listen and learn from each other 


Behave in a way that could cause offence or upset other participants.


Social Media


Use your own social media to celebrate what you are doing - and remember to tag us!!!! 


Use social media in a way that could cause offence or upset other participants, or anyone else at the event or beyond.

Report concerns


Report to the help desk any behaviour which you believe is inappropriate.  We have event moderators.


Be afraid to speak or share your concerns.

Internet/power issues


Try and find the best connection where you live to join us! 


Think this is a barrier to joining in, as everything will be recorded. Please ask if you need something you missed because of connectivity problems.

Headphones and Microphones


Use a headset and microphone when joining in interactive sessions. Please be aware of your surrounding noise. 


Worry if your camera or headphones are broken.  There is always a chatbox and moderator to ensure you can share.

Networking & messaging


Use networking responsibly. Be aware of the messages you are sending to other participants 


Send anything inappropriate or offensive. Please report anything that is wrong or concerns you.

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